Yet another awesome OS release. Below an overview of the total awesomeness we've added this site!

Change Requests and bugfixes

DS-2313 - As a user I want to have the same look and feel in the emails as is on the platform 
& DS-3862-  As a SM I want to customise the logo that's used in when sending emails

As of this version all e-mails from the platform will be sent as HTML. We've implemented swiftmailer that takes care of sending emails. Also changes in your theme (color / logo) will reflect in the HTML emails

DS-3773 - As a LU I want pictures uploaded from my mobile phone to have the correct orientation
When uploading a photo from mobile, the orientation sometimes is not correct. After some research we found out that with the image_effect module we can simply add an image effect to our image styles. This effect reads EXIF information from the picture and to determine the image orientation and adjust the image automatically to the correct orientation.

DS-3034 - As a LU, I don't want to see joined button when creating content in a group.
When creating content in a group, the group hero is shown together with the Joined button. This button is really prominent and it is not relevant to the function of content creation page. It causes confusion to users, and it makes the intention of the page unclear. So we removed the hero area with the joined button.

DS-3920 - Make social_post_photo a feature
There was an issue with a config not being set at install since social_post_photo was not defined as a feature. This has been fixed.

Other bugfixes

[#2891536] - Homepage AN block fatal error when there is less than 2 links
Now when you remove 1 or 2 links in the AN Homepage block it no longer breaks the AN homepage.

[#2890630] - Social download count module breaks theming of files in nodes
Now when the module social_download_count is enabled the theming is accurate.

[#2890747] - The input field for comments on mobile is too small
On mobile the avatar, input field and submit display next to each other on one row. This made it hard to enter comments on small devices. This has now been improved.

[#2858502] - Don't send notifications of replies on mentions to the acting user himself
Before, when you were mentioned in a post and reply on the mention, you'd receive a notification of this. This happened through email and the notification center in Open Social. This is not really necessary to notify about, since the user is probably aware of that fact that the user (just) did this.

[#2892737] - Messages in the stream with group context get their group url token rendered wrong
If an activity in the activity stream has a group context, the token that renders the group url in the message was rendered wrong. This now renders correctly.

[#2888005] - Group Admin role not hidden on add member form in group for CM+
The setting for the group admin role is no longer visible when adding a new member to any group.

[#2891536] - Homepage AN block fatal error when there is less than 2 links
The site no longer gives a fatal error when you remove 1 or 2 links in the AN Homepage block.

[#2889883] - Can't create events on mobile or desktop device - date picker issue
When users try to save an event in some cases there is an error. Especially on mobile devices. This has to do with the validation of the date widget. We decided that the HTML5 validation is too device-specific for now and we decided to turn it off for all the forms. Our Drupal validation will catch any errors.

[#2893858] - Profile pictures not working on AN stream homepage
With the private file system enabled, anonymous users would see broken images on the homepage stream. We show the profile images of OS users there. The images are no longer accessible for anonymous users, so the default image is shown now.