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Change Requests and bugfixes

  • [#2852398] - Styleguide in KSS Node
    All theme_hooks_suggestions and theme_hook_preprocess functions are moved to individual files in the includes folder. F.e. contains the theme hook suggestions and preprocesses for node. Also renamed and cleaned up for hooks & components. See the story for a full explanation.

  • [#2842923] - More control with group permissions to see group tabs
    Currently the view permissions make it difficult to not show the tabs for events for example while it is possible to not show group events.

  • [#2767295] - Order of comments
    There is now a new configurable option in comment field formatter settings see:
    So you can set order of comments to Desc / Asc according to your likings on posts.

  • [#2827944] - Display times not same as input times
    There are issues with the displaying of the event times. These event times (start and end date) aren’t formatted to your timezone setting. On adding or editing an event, the times are formatted to your timezone. So there were differences when you were editing and when you were viewing an event. We fixed it by formatting the start and end date to your local timezone.

  • [#2835114] - Group feed duplicates
    We fixed the blocks & overviews so they don’t show duplicate content anymore. This counts for group overviews, explore overviews and the blocks in the streams.

  • Scrollable tabs for touch & mobile
    We made the secondary navbar scrollable on phone, see our styleguide for how it will work now.

  • As a LU, I want to see more descriptive notification when someone liked my content
    When a user liked our content we got a notification with “... likes your content” we improved by now adding the content type so you get a sense of what content the user actually liked. We added a custom token vote:liked_content_type for this.

  • [#2853139] - Improve the top of the content detail page
    We have a lot of information displayed which should be more organised for desktop and mobile. From topic type, group name, follow button, amount of comments, event details, location, visibility, like. We reorganised this and implemented it in the distro.