Change Requests and bugfixes
- Blocks on stream pages, should be hidden on mobile
When on a stream page on mobile, the complementary bottom blocks are now hidden.

- As a LU, I want to see a logical sentence for all activity items (no more pronouns “you”, but only username)
Currently when you visit someone's profile, you’ll see “username mentioned you in a post.” We changed this to a more descriptive sentence. Because it might be that the username didn’t mention you, but someone else in the post. So we use the mentioned username instead.
- As a LU, I want to see an arrow when I post on another user's profile.
When a user now posts a message on another user’s profile, It will show the author of the post followed by an arrow pointing to the recipient’s username. This ensures you will get the right context also when seeing activities on other profile streams.

- As a LU, I want to see more descriptive notification text when someone commented on my content
The notification one received when a user commented on your post, topic or event was saying “user commented on your content”. This is now changed to be a more descriptive notification saying what content type it is. Also when someone commented on content you are following it will show what content type and the author of that piece of content so it will be more clear.

- [#2852308] - Add new group after add new group type
When having multiple group types, the “Add new group” button directed the user to the creation of an Open Group. We fixed this by checking if there are multiple groups. If there are, and the user wants to add a new group, he will be redirected to an overview of group types from which he can select.

- [#2856934] - Wrong notification for a like on a comment on a post
When someone likes a comment on a post, the notification text says “user likes your post_comment”. This is now fixed.

- [#2834614] - How to create a subtheme
The base and demo theme have been updated with readme's and there will now also be a dedicated changelog file for each theme. The gulpfile has additional comments in there now to explain about the tasks.

- [#2856646] - Fix event type config override
There were issues related to the Social Event Type module. There were duplicate config files in social_event_type and social_event. This is fixed by removing the duplicate config files and overriding them in a proper way.

- [#2852602] - Added missing color configuration
The Logo background color in hover state, User profile hero area color, Footer bar, Search hero color and Book module table of content should all follow the set color configuration.

- Fix bug in event location display
Make sure the event location is shown when the address is empty.

Updated the following:
Address rc3 -> rc4
Features 3.2 -> 3.5