RC 1 released

Ronald te Brake • 14 April 2017

Change Requests and bugfixes

[#2865031] - The CTA buttons in the member teaser are not clear
The view profile and contact me buttons were unclear to users. We have updated the contact me button to view activities (leads to the users stream) and the view profile now leads to the user information page where their profile is shown.

[#2842653] - Remove Social Sharing icons form Add and Edit pages
After enabling the social share module in Open Social the share block containing the share icons also became available on the node / add & edit pages. This is fixed for the above scenario so it only shows on the node view page.

[#2864305] - Document Atoms in style guide & option for 50/50 column layout
There is now documentation added to the styleguide for a 50/50 column layout and for the following atoms used in the theme (alert, button, list, badge, card and form controls)

[#2859184] - The author and published date for topic teaser is not showing in FF
Reason: the CSS calc function in not working correctly in Firefox and thus the width is not calculated correctly. The browser sets it to zero, so we do not see any text. Fix: overwrite the width in the subtheme with 85%.

[#2858829] - Metainfo for content type basic page is duplicate
For basic page some metainfo fields are shown twice, like the follow button and visibility icon. Updated the correct templates.

[#2858427] - Activities appear at destinations where they do not belong
Aggregation for activity items caused items to appear on wrong destinations. We have updated this last beta release but also improved it for others now.

[#2862101] - Fix event type settings
There is a setting that allows to make Event type field required. But it's not useful, because when features are reverted, it goes to default state (optional). We fixed it by excluding config files and set it in a install hook.

[#2863389] - Fix styles for attachments with enabled module download counter
Styling got updated for attachments when the download counter is enabled. To make sure we support multiple files in a better way.

Making hint text in the post fields more clear and straight forward.
The placeholder for the post field on activity streams wasn’t really giving any context to the users on what it means to post. We changed the placeholder to give more context. F.e. Leave a message to [name of the user] for when you are posting on a users stream or Say something to the group on the group stream.

Rename 'see all' buttons in side blocks for topic, group and users.
Because all these buttons will lead users to an overview where all the topics, groups and users will be shown. It is more logical to name the buttons & the page “All topics” “All groups” and “All members” since that is what it shows it’s not only showing the newest of each type.