RC 2 Released

Ronald te Brake • 14 April 2017

[#2866529] - Follow content button jumping around
This issue occured when you have twig debugging enabled. The response of the ajax request fired by the flag button (follow/unfollow content) changes the markup and causes the order of the items to break. With this fix the items should be aligned correctly AND we made the alignment of the items work on mobile. 

View detail page on small screen
See that the meta info area (top of the page) or aligned and ordered correctly
On desktop the follow button should be position on the right and not change position when clicked (make sure twig.debug is set to false)

[#2845363] - Screen squeezed in a profile or a group
This issue was occuring on pages that had not enough content to stretch over the full width of the screen. We are stretching this container over the full width by default now so this issue doesn’t occur anymore. 

Log in as admin after fresh install (no admin content)
Go to profile page
Click topic in the secondary menu and see that the width of the page is just as wide as the window (as big as the content in it, apart from the menu that is full width)

[#2866531] - Solid Like icon looks better
For consistency purposes we added a fill to this icon to visually align better with the other icons in the content top area of detail pages.

View detail page on small screen
See that the like badge indicating the amount of likes has an icon with a fill and the actual like action button has not

[#2844911] - Squeezed profile image on mobile
Long words or links caused the textual content area of a comment on mobile te squeeze the avatar or make it disappear at all. With this fix the width of the profile image is maintained and words are broken if the exceed the content area.

Add a (very) long word or link (e.g. google docs link) in the comment textfield and submit it
See that the avatar is not gone or squeezed and that the link breaks over multiple lines (for testing it is best to view this on a small screen)

[#2866935] - One time login button has no styling
This form is now added to our default form styling so the form is placed in a card and the primary action follows our design conventions.

create a new account
go to mailcatcher and click on the link
the description is now in a card and the button has a primary color and is aligned right.

[#2862384] - Social Book: The table of content shows no icon when deeper content is available
We added new styles for lists in the previous release and this broke the book navigation which was also approached as a list. We set up a new component for this now to give better visual indication while browsing through books.

Create a book
Add pages to the book for at least 3 levels
Make sure to add some long titles.
See if the styles are working as described in the styleguide: http://styleguide.getopensocial.com/section-molecules.html#kssref-molec…

[#2861184] - Materialize waves effect broken in safari login button
When clicking buttons that were aligned to the right we saw that the waves effect was fired outside of the button in safari browsers. We slightly changed the waves component to make sure this does not happen anymore.

Open safari browser
Go to /user/login
Click the default action and see that the waves effect is triggered within the button.

[#2865314] - Fix activity templates for page and book content types
We also included correct activity templates for the page and book content types so they are reflected everywhere correctly.

[#2868288] - Behat tests are failing
Fixed some minor issues in our behat test after updating regions.

[#2867135] - Address not displaying City on events and groups
Our template didn’t render all the different ways address shows the city name. We now make sure we render all the possible options based on address-plain.